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Learning PHP - Part 4 - Lets get conditional

August 19, 2019

Part 4

Laracasts main site
Laracasts - PHP for beginners

Chapters covered:

Chapter 8 - Booleans
Chapter 9 - Conditionals

Chapter 8 - Booleans

I diverged from laracasts here. I didn’t want to make multiple \<li> tags, so I used a conditional which is in the next chapter. The code is as follows:

// index.view.php
<!-- Above HTML omitted for brevity -->
<?php foreach ($task as $key => $value) : ?>
<strong><?= ucwords($key); ?>: </strong>
<?php if ($key == 'completed') {
$value = ($value) ? 'Completed' : 'Incomplete';
}; ?>
<?= $value; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<!-- Below HTML omitted for brevity -->

Yes, I know it looks like a lot but lets highlight the keypart:

<?php if ($key == 'completed') {
$value = ($value) ? 'Completed' : 'Incomplete';
}; ?>
Line 1:
<?php if (\$key == 'completed')

If the current key equal to the string ‘completed’, then move to the next line, if it’s not equal to ‘completed’, then move past the curly braces.

Line 2: `$value = ($value) ? 'Completed' : 'Incomplete';`
set $value equal to 'Completed' if TRUE set $value equal to 'Incomplete' if FALSE 'Incomplete'
This is called the "ternary operator" should you want to read more
Line 3: `}; ?\>`
End the block, continue to the endNote:
I cannot find any definitive documentation as to whether to use:
`True vs TRUE vs true`
`False vs FALSE vs false`
All of the above are booleans.

I found this article PHP The Right Way Keyword & Type

This suggests to use true and false for booleans

Chapter 9 - Conditionals

Plain if statement in php:

if (condition) {
do stuff
} else {
do other stuff

If statements that drop down to plain html to make it more readable:

<!-- more HTML -->
<?php if (condition) : ?>
<?php else : ?>
<h1>Do other stuff</h1>
<?php endif; ?>
<!-- more HTML -->

Checking if something is NOT true:

$boolean = true
if (! $boolean){
// Will run if the value of $boolean == false
} else {
// Will run if the value of $boolean == true

This is called the “BANG” operator.

This is all I got for chapter 9. Lets move to chapter 10.


Follow along with my repo

Laracasts main site

[PHP for beginners](https://laracasts.com/series/php-for-beginners)
[PHP The Right Way](https://phptherightway.com)

Written by Konnor Rogers who currently works at VeueLive as a full time developer. You should follow him on Twitter